Marine service Vrouwenpolder specializes in repair & maintance, technical support and constructionworks for the maritime amd industrial sector. We are known for our great flexibility and 24/7 support, whenever needed in the world. Whetever it’s the (de)installation of piping, valves, generators, motors, pumps or gearboxes or the tripping of a winch. Marine service Vrouwenpolder has the capacity and quality to perform the work in a safe and responsible way.


The ship repair is an important sector in our company. Our activities are divers and range from the repair and replacement of piping,alingment of engines or gearboxes, hydraulic components or systems and also winches. Virtually many jobs on board can be done by marine service Vrouwenpolder. Also there is a possibility to contract marine service Vrouwenpolder for commissioning ships and installations, there is enough experience on different locations in the world.