Project ASRV 417000 “NUYINA” Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

New project is Antartic icebreaking Research and Supply Vessel, Nuyina is Australia’s newest supply vessel intend to support Australian bases on the Antartic continent. The ASRV 417000 can deploy a wide range of vehicles, including helikopters, landing barges and amphibious trucks to support resupply operation. The ASRV provides a moderm platform for marine science research in both sea ice and open water with a large moon pool for launching and retrieving equipment and remotely operated vehicles.

ASRV417000 Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuidling

The keel laying was in August 2017 at Damen Galati shipyard in Romania. In March 2018 about 7000 tons out of 10000 had been cutted and the base of the hull had been completed. In September 2018 the hull was succesfully floated and at this moment will the ASRV being completed.The planned delivery will be in 2020.

Marine service Vrouwenpolder is contracted to be member of the ASRV site team and will do commissioning, delivery and waranty for Damen Schelde Naval shipbuilding.